Welcome to NewsJuice. It’s here that we will bring you news stories with a somewhat different view.  Call it critical, here at NewsJuice we prefer to call it healthy, researched and out of the box. We are not trying to search for the truth, as the truth is rarely black or white but rather somewhere in the middle. Most important are the angles from which you view the stories that shape our lives. That is precisely what we seek to achieve – helping you think or even re-think. NewsJuice, a fresh way of thinking.

Our Freshly Squeezed section is where you can catch up with interesting bite-sized news that has caught the eye of our contributors.

Our regular feature contributors are:

Theo is Product Manager for TV at Skype. He took up the role in August 2010 and is responsible for managing and developing the Skype calling experience on ‘big screen’ devices in the home. Theo joined Skype from Virgin Media, where he worked for 11 years managing the product development of Digital Cable TV products including PVR, Video on Demand and Interactive Services. Prior to that he worked at the BBC World Service, in live radio production across 43 languages.

Gregory has a real passion for news, politics and international affairs. This passion grew from his childhood. Always fascinated by the Belgian reporter Tintin who would chase after the truth and defend the weak in society against injustice. Gregory studied Communication Sciences at the ‘Vrije Universiteit Brussel’ and Journalism at the ‘Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel’ and is currently working for a business support and software company in the City of London.

Dax is the technical geek amongst the contributors. As Head of td Technology for Tradedoubler, he is fascinated about online marketing, adserving and web analytics. A passion that started with his studies of Communication Sciences at the ‘Vrije Universiteit Brussel’. As co-owner of movieblog MoviePulp & Other Fiction, he loves to see movies and play around with the newest gadgets.